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Donation Store by Test[GM]
Discover a wide variety of premium combinations at unbeatable prices in our donation store. Explore an exclusive selection of items, packages, and special deals designed to enhance your gaming experience.
Monsters by Test[GM]
Eloria Conquer boasts an array of formidable bosses that will put your skills and strategy to the ultimate test. Encounter menacing creatures and legendary foes as you traverse through treacherous dungeons and challenging areas. From towering dragons to ancient demons, each boss presents a unique and thrilling encounter. Gather your allies, harness your abilities, and face off against these mighty adversaries for a chance at rare treasures, powerful equipment, and the satisfaction of emerging victorious.
Oriental Assassin by Test[GM]
The Oriental Assassin is one of the most powerful long-range classes in CO. With deadly aim and powerful AoE skills, they will become a horrifying force in PvP, including group combats like Guild War,Capture the Flag, ect.
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